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Dear beloved customers...

Just a soft reminders~ Segala urusan jual beli wajib mengisi borang (dibawah sekali entry ini) untuk memudahkan urusan jual beli dan untuk mengelakkan sebarang kekeliruan kelak.

With Love,
Cik Ann

Friday, April 8, 2011

Miss Her~

Few weeks ago, saya kehilangan this precious item; hp case. 
My first handmade using felt.
Sedih wo! So, decided nak buat yang baru. Yang comey-comey sket.

*Lose her T_T*

Terfikir nak buat warna candy pink with white. Or candy pink with candy blue and white. Or candy pink with black. Or... other colours. Hehe. 

*Candy pink or candy blue?*

My new hp case will look like this...

Owh! Can't wait to sew them!

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