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Dear beloved customers...

Just a soft reminders~ Segala urusan jual beli wajib mengisi borang (dibawah sekali entry ini) untuk memudahkan urusan jual beli dan untuk mengelakkan sebarang kekeliruan kelak.

With Love,
Cik Ann

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's back!

Well reader...
Recently saya bukan sahaja fokus pada tempahan *alhamdulillah, rezeki Allah~*
Tapi Insha'allah together with my engagement day as you know...
Tu pun kalau baca entry lepas saya.
So, many things happened since a week ago.
Not only be strong for myself and my family (from my side), but also for my future fiance...
Dugaan namanya...
So, now I'm back with preparation.
With gradual progress.
Insha'allah everything will be fine...
Doakan yang baik-baik dan terbaik buat kami :)

Mode: Fixing the veil's beads.
Bought with the cheapest price.
Dahlah murah (yang setakat ni dicari) and mintak lagi turunkan harga sebab banyak beads dan sequines dah terkeluar-keluar...

Looks easy but I don't think it suits with my skills that I have and love to do :)

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